Low MOQ Clothing Manufacturers & Where To Find Them?

Ronald A. Hurley
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Why ladies and men clothing manufacturers need high MOQ?

Consider yourself very lucky if you could get a trustworthy clothing supplier who is ethical and could offer low quantity minimums as well. First, it is scarce to find low quantity minimums as you get the cheapest fabric when it is off the weave in bulk and fresh. For instance, let’s consider 300 kg. That’s an order for the branded giant backed by significant capital. You might spot a few fabric producers that still make their staple fabrics and designs, but they generally do not sell their fabrics in portions. Doing so might leave them with irrelevant amounts of colours and meters. Hence, they sell the whole lot together. 

The next one to buy the fabric adds some more margins before reselling it in quantities that are much smaller than what they have purchased. This chain of supply might repeat itself several times. This leads western counties and online markets to end up with higher prices, and this price could be more than double the starting price per meter. Hence, low MOQ clothing supplier either needs a supply of fabric from you, or a decent manufacturer will establish relations with number two of the supply chain. This helps them to keep a lower cost.

Relation of pattern making with high MOQ for overseas clothing manufacturers 

People often wonder if there is a relation between high MOQ and pattern making. The answer is yes, and there is for time is equal to money. Among all the staff members, pattern maker gets the highest pay as drawing patterns in different sizes requires time. Manufacturers pattern and cut higher quantity fabrics to cover the costs. In simpler words, manufacturing an insufficient quantity like ten times is just not worth it for their money and time. Many overseas clothing manufacturers have lost a significant sum of money by indulging in such smaller orders. 

White label clothing & custom clothing manufacturers

Let’s discuss the two, starting with their difference. When we talk about white-label clothing, you add branding to an unbranded and blank product. It is pretty important in the whole industry as it is a great way to low MOQs successfully, decrease the time for leads, and provide you with a wider range under a limited budget. On the other hand, taking the route of custom clothing manufacturers is where collections and products are created according to custom specifications. You get the freedom in the production and designing stage, but this route carries several logistical issues avoided by white-label clothing. 

Make sure you don’t lack options while going for low MOQ

Be it a ladies clothing manufacturer or some men clothing manufacturers, ensure that offering low MOQ doesn’t limit the option. A decent manufacturer must produce but do not limit to-

  • Women, baby, men, or children wear
  • Sports or swimwear
  • Lingerie 
  • Maternity, fuller bust, or plus size
  • Tall or petite

It is essential to value ethics while you are indulged in manufacturing clothes. Most of the modern UK clothing manufacturers for startups make garments in London. It is quite important for them to bring back the manufacturing to a place where delivering higher-quality clothing at a faster pace is possible. 

Final words 

It is thus seen that when your MOQs get over 2000, you have entered the league of giants. Big clothing brands generally produce these numbers. You get to raise the demand as well as negotiate to price. Before making any vital decision, especially when you are involved in the fashion business, make sure to think it through. Taking up the easiest route might appear reliving in the beginning, but it might create problems in the longer run.

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