Tungsten Wedding Rings: Are They Safe?

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When it comes to wedding rings, you and you’re would-be want it to be fine. You’ll be wearing these rings forever, and there are so many choices among which you can choose. Gold, silver, and white gold are used in more conventional settings. 

Various tungsten rings alternatives are often costly and easily affected. Titanium and tungsten carbide have gradually become more common choices for couples seeking a longer-lasting impact. Couples have experienced some safety problems with the more robust tungsten carbide ring that they may not have experienced with more conventional alternatives.

  • Emergency Circumstances

Traditional ring cutters would not be able to extract the tungsten carbide ring in an emergency. Emergency workers can loosen it with a tool that looks like a vice grip. If the ring must be detached from the wearer’s finger in an emergency for treatment or to prevent further damage, it must be cracked off. It will smash the ring into pieces, destroying it and potentially injuring the wearer. The Mohs hardness scale places the tungsten carbide ring between 8 and 9. One cannot resize it in the usual way because of these reasons.

  • Reactions to Skin 

Tungsten carbide rings can irritate the skin and cause an allergy. Tungsten is combined with another metal to create these rings. The other metal is usually a nickel or cobalt alloy. It hardens the ring and removes many of the scratches that lighter metals are prone to. It is critical because long-term exposure to the cobalt blend can cause allergic reactions. 

Oxidation and skin and ring discoloration may be caused by skin cells and sweat. If you have sensitive skin, make sure the metal mix is appropriate for you. Nickel is slightly less costly than cobalt, but it is fully hypoallergenic and does not oxidize.

  • Accidents Injury 

In industrial environments, tungsten carbide rings may be caught. 

Wearing jewelry in the warehouse, automobile, construction, or manufacturing industries is rarely recommended; however, tungsten carbide rings are especially hazardous. As pressure is applied to jewelry by machines or other sources, it will bend or crack. The ring may not split if the pulling happens or if the ring gets stuck, and it can cause further injuries to the person.

A tungsten ring cannot be resized because it is too soft, and the atomic bonding does not bind to other metals, unlike gold or platinum. 

Many retailers offer a tungsten ring replacement service to get over this issue, where you can get a new ring if the first one doesn’t suit you properly.

The gravest concern about tungsten protection is cutting a tungsten ring in an emergency. Because of tungsten’s extreme hardness, cutting it is both difficult and time-consuming. People believe that tungsten cannot be extracted in an emergency because of this, but this is completely false.


Despite all these issues, Tungsten rings are extremely safe; otherwise, they would not be one of the most common metals for wedding rings. The problem is that many jewelers continue to spread the idea that they are dangerous. It is simply not in their best interest to market tungsten rings over gold or platinum rings. However, if you love this jewelry and are looking to buy one visit an online store none other than Intellirings.

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