Case Study: Brosa builds a new furniture shopping experience online – Technology – ERP


On line furniture keep Brosa, was produced to help prospects have a improved on-line encounter for getting bespoke items for their residence.

Brosa is on-line-dependent but also has two showrooms, in Melbourne and Sydney allowing prospects to experience in solutions in-particular person to help them come to a decision on what they want to acquire. 

Ivan Lim, CEO at co-founder at Brosa claimed he observed two major challenges prospects encountered procuring for residence furnishings, the accessibility of fantastic looking, cost-effective home furniture and the painful method of acquiring furniture on line.

“The to start with bucket of difficulties was if you don’t want the exact IKEA couch that all your mates have, but you do not want to invest $12,000 on the couch, there was a gap of attractive available home furnishings styles,” he reported.

Lim said the second bucket was recognising getting furnishings was this “incredibly painful, high friction significant cognitive load process”.  

“I was obtaining all these other product or service types like shoes and trousers, admittedly distinctive products categories but they have been remaining offered by digitally indigenous, technological innovation to start with providers and the experiences were being seamless. I imagined why couldn’t shopping for a couch, be this easy?”

By means of generating a client ERP program and monitoring system, Lim explained he needed to clear away the prevalent hurdles shoppers encounter when procuring for furnishings online.

Brosa’s first ERP software program was a Google sheet and then was little by little built out with added plugins, according to Lim. As time went on, Lim stated the team at Brosa could address a ton of the challenges consumers face by means of engineering.

“Not only do you assist generate something that’s a lot more tailor manufactured for a immediate to purchaser experience, the place you want to give buyers transparency, but also prospects are truly craving for that form of electronic first method,” he reported.

Brosa is a technologies-to start with business enterprise, but not just with e-commerce, Lim explained he desired technology to be the infrastructure of the company.

“It’s just about the rails by which you create the whole small business on best. That is what we’ve been targeted on from a extremely early stage is not only constructing the buyer front struggling with things, but also building the bedrock infrastructure engineering smart, that assists us to do issues more effectively, on scale and deliver a greater working experience for clients,” he mentioned.


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