The Fight to Defetishize the Term ‘Gaysian’ in Fashion

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LONDON — Racism exists within the LGBTQ community and gay Asian men, who are often grouped together by the term ‘Gaysian,’ are often being fetishized — in a similar way to how Asian women have been perceived by the general public — and underrepresented in Western society.

Asian creatives who work in the fashion industry are increasingly voicing their concerns and demanding change regarding how they are perceived and how they should be represented within the community and in popular culture, especially after the outbreak of the Black Lives Matter movement across the U.S. following the killings of George Floyd and many other Black people at the hands of white policemen.

“I don’t like the word ‘Gaysian’,” said Alex Po, cofounder of, a Hong Kong-based brand that aspires to redefine modern masculinity. “It’s a combination of two stereotypes. It’s a

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