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This week Wishtrend is having a 20-40% off sale on everything from the I’m From Skincare Brand. The sale starts today and runs all week (April 11-17, 2022). You can save an additional 15% off on top of the sale price with the code MIRIAM15.

I’m From is a k-beauty skincare brand that focuses on using natural ingredients. Their product lines focus on traditional Korean skincare ingredients, and they have so many amazing products that will address a wide range of skincare concerns.

I have tried so many products from I’m From, so I decided to put together a little shopping guide with my recommendations. While I could include every I’m From product in this list (they are all amazing), I will only be recommending my holy grail products from the brand. You can find all the I’m From Skincare products that are on sale here.

Disclaimer: This blog uses affiliate links. This means that I may earn a small commission if you purchase any of the products that I recommend at no additional cost to you. Using my affiliate links helps to support the blog and enables me to purchase new products to review. I appreciate all your support!

I’m From Skincare Recommendations

Since I am a mask addict, I had to start my recommendations list with my favorite face masks from the brand.

First up is my all-time favorite Rice Mask (now $19.04 with the code MIRIAM15). This is a skin brightening mask that will leave you with soft, glowing, and exfoliated skin. I use this mask at least once a week to help keep my skin looking smooth and glowy. 

Warning: The rice grains can be a little too rough for sensitive skin, so keep that in mind before ordering this one!

My second favorite I’m From mask is the Ginseng Mask (now $25.16 with the code MIRIAM15). This is another mask that I use at least once a week. The Ginseng Mask is formulated with aged Red Ginseng Extract from Geum M, S.Korea. This mask will help balance the skin, remove any impurities, revitalize the skin, and help with antiaging. The mask is a little goopy, so I recommend removing it with a warm washcloth.

Next up is the Honey Mask (now $25.85 with the code MIRIAM15). This is the most expensive I’m From mask, but it is so worth the money! This mask will deeply hydrate and nourish the skin. Honey masks are pretty sticky, so I recommend removing this one in the shower if possible.

Dupe Alert: The I’m From Honey Mask is an amazing dupe for the Farmacy Honey Potion Plus Ceramide Hydration Mask ($56) and I honestly enjoy this one a little more than the Farmacy mask!

I just recently added the Mugwort Mask (now $23.80 with the code MIRIAM15) into my skincare routine, and I am already in love! This mask is perfect for anyone with redness or acne-prone skin. This isn’t a mask that I use on a weekly basis, I typically only use it whenever I break out, it is so soothing and cooling on the skin. If you need a nice calming mask, this is the one for you!

Finally, I absolutely love the Fig Scrub Mask (now $21.76 with the code MIRIAM15). This is a fantastic physical exfoliator that I like to use 1-2 times a week. It is a little more gentle than the Rice Mask, so I recommend this one if you have sensitive skin. Even though this scrub is gentle, it is a very effective exfoliator! Your skin will be baby soft and you will want to use it as often as possible!

I just realized that all the I’m From masks ended up on my recommendations list…

If you want to save a little more money on the I’m From masks, you can check out their mask bundles:

Glowing Spa Care Set (now $41.65 with the code MIRIAM15)- This set includes the Fig Scrub Mask and the Honey Mask

Wash-Off Mask Bundles (now $60.10 with the code MIRIAM15)- This set includes the Rice Mask, Honey Mask, and Mugwort Mask

In addition to masks, I also really love toners/essences. There are two that I recommend from I’m From, but the others are also very good.

The Rice Toner (now $19.04 with the code MIRIAM15) is an absolute must-have! This toner helps keep my skin bright and nourished, and it feels amazing when used in multiple layers. I go through this toner pretty quickly because I tend to use 3 layers twice a day (my skin tends to get dry when I don’t use enough toner), but you can use as much of it as you need for your skin type. I emptied a full bottle already and now I need to pick up a new one during the sale.

The Mugwort Essence (now $27.20 with the code MIRIAM15) is amazing! This product is made with 100% Mugwort extract so it’s a little pricier than the Rice Toner. It feels cooling and hydrating, I love to use it when I feel a breakout coming. I think this essence is a great option for anyone with acne-prone skin, it will literally change your life. Like the mask from this line, it is very soothing and helps control redness.

I also have two serums to recommend. These serums have helped my skin the most, but there are a few more options that are on sale this week.

The Ginseng Serum (now $19.72 with the code MIRIAM15) is a must-have for any anti-aging routine. This serum helps improve skin elasticity, nourishes the skin, and adds a boost of hydration. If you haven’t tried anything from the I’m From Ginseng line yet, I highly recommend starting with this serum! My skin literally glows when I use it consistently, and I need to pick up a backup during the sale this week.

The Honey Serum (now $19.04 with the code MIRIAM15) is an amazing dupe for the Farmacy Filling Good Serum ($44) and less than half the price right now! Both are very hydrating and formulated with propolis, royal jelly, and turmeric. My skin literally glows when I use this serum, and I highly recommend it if you have been eyeing the Farmacy serum at Sephora!

Finally, I have my number one I’m From moisturizer…

The Honey Glow Cream (now $21.76 when you add the code MIRIAM15) is a moisturizer that I reach for whenever I am wearing a lot of foundation. It is the perfect makeup base and helps keep your skin hydrated all day long. I love how my skin glows when I have this cream in my routine, propolis and royal jelly are my favorite skincare ingredients! You are probably wondering if the Honey Glow Cream is a dupe for another Farmacy product… Yes! This moisturizer is a fantastic dupe for the Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra-Hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer ($45). 

Honestly, the I’m From Honey line products are great dupes for products from the Farmacy Honey line. So save some money and get them when they are on sale this week!

You can get the I’m From Honey Hydrating Package (Honey Mask + Honey Serum + Honey Glow Cream) at a huge discount right now- $49.98 with the code MIRIAM15!

Final Thoughts

If you were thinking of picking up any I’m From products, now is the time to save some money!

Just a reminder, the sale runs from April 11-17, and all the I’m From products are 20-40% off. If you miss the sale, you can still get 15% off with the code MIRIAM15.

I have a review of the Wishtrend #TeamDully Box on my blog which includes mini-reviews for the Rice Mask and Ginseng Serum (click here to read the review).

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section down below. I love to hear from my readers!

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