Why Breathable Nail Enamel is Superior than the Traditional Nail Polish?

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6th Street Offers Quality Breathable Nail Polishes in Multiple Colors

Have you ever heard of Breathable Nail Enamel? These days, the top brands have introduced nail polish lacquers with breathable technology to permit water and air to access the real nail by passing through the nail enamel. Moreover, the ingredients have nourishing properties and help the nails to attain strong and healthy appearance. What are you waiting for? Just use the 6th Street code and buy as many nail enamels as you like.

Qualities of Breathable Nail Enamels

Nails do not breathe so what is the use of breathable nail polish? Basically, nails get the nutrients and oxygen directly from the blood flow present underneath the nail bed. The breathable polish gives some remarkable benefits to nails and support in promoting the healthy nails. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect by using the breathable nail polish:

  1. No More Toxic Chemicals

A lot of nail polishes contain toxic substances such as toluene, camphor and formaldehyde. It is also true that nail enamels contain some toxic elements but the products available at 6th Street UAE are free from the dangerous toxics.

  • Strong & Shiny Nails

Nails contain oil to get hydrated. It is necessary for the health and flexibility of nails. If you are using a traditional nail lacquer, get ready for weak and dry nails as the toxic elements extract the oil and make the nails weak. Comparatively, the breathable nail enamel supports the oil in the nail to move freely and keep the nails well-hydrated.

  • Long-lasting Nail Enamel

How many times you need to re-coat the nail enamel after cleaning the dishes, cooking or washing the clothes? The polish cannot retain its grip and discards in form of chip. It causes frustrating situation for many women. The breathable polish has quality to retain on the nails for a week without even chipping. Use a nail cleanser along with a breathable quality base coat earlier than applying the enamel to enjoy long-lasting manicure. The 6th street code is within access, so pick the nail enamels and base coats for maintaining the strength and length of nails.

  • No Efforts to Dry the Enamel

It is often noticed that women want a comfortable environment while applying the enamel as it needs time to dry. If you are in hurry, you cannot apply the nail polish; otherwise the wet polish will make your clothes unclean. The breathable nail polish just needs a few seconds to dry because it allows the air to pass through the substance. Less time to dry means no smudges to occur.

  • Perform Prayer with Nail Enamel

The 6th street code opens a wide range of nail colors like Green, Black, Purple, Blue, Wine, Pink, Brown and Yellow in light and dark colors. Definitely, the nail polish makes your hands pretty and give shape to your nails. When you need to pray five times a day, it is difficult to apply the polish. Even if you apply the enamel, you have to remove it after a few hours. The breathable nail polish helps you to perform the prayer while keeping the beautiful colored nails. While doing Wudu, the water will touch the nail surface and purify them for prayer. It is impossible if you are carrying traditional non-breathable enamel.

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