What Makes the Chanel Vintage Line So Attractive?

Chanel is known to be one of the most luxurious and decadent fashion houses in the world. It has a range of clothes, accessories, make up, footwear and perfume that cannot be rivalled by many. This is what makes the fashion house such a success. But the one aspect of their design that steals the eyeballs each time is their collection of vintage fashions. Whether it be gowns, shoes or handbags, one can be sure that the Chanel vintage line will be a sight to behold.

Chanel brings out new design lines each year, notably their spring-summer collection and a winter collection. A very essential part of both these is their beautiful vintage designs. Usually seen in the gowns and matching accessories, they are inspired from the fashions of the 40’s through 70’s. Celebrities are known to love these designs and wear them almost all the functions. The vintage collection from Chanel is simple in its design and are usually beautifully embroidered as well. Vintage designs are easy to incorporate into all kinds of fashion, where something as simple as a denim jacket or a Hawaiian tee shirt can become high fashion.

The Chanel vintage line also features one of a kind designs from the designers that achieve the level of become vintage after only three or four years. This is because they are handmade for special occasions and cannot be replicated exactly. The wedding dress part of this line is possibly the most sought after since brides can actually purchase some of the original designs that were worn by Coco Chanel herself. The range of vintage footwear is also in demand since they have a classic design that goes with almost every single dress or jeans that one has in their wardrobe. When worn with the perfect accessories, the effect is breathtaking.

The vintage collections by Chanel become increasingly hard to find with each passing year, increasing their value in the eyes of many. These collections are attractive to the extent they are because much of the work done on them is by hand and to replicate the same effect today would be very difficult. It represents days and weeks of hard work and dedication towards making the dress look and feel exactly like a piece of heaven. They can however, be found in boutiques and vintage clothing stores where they usually preserved in a very good condition.

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