It’s almost the prom season again! Girls are getting excited over wearing those formal dresses that will make them look like Hollywood stars on the red carpet. But before you rush to the nearest store to find the perfect prom dress, have you already thought about what you’re going to wear underneath?

Yes girls, it’s as equally important to know what underwear you will wear with your prom dress. Why? Because what you wear underneath will make or break your fashion statement. You wouldn’t want those lumps, bumps and fashion faux pas ruin your prom night. So here are some tips on buying underwear that will go with your prom dress.

Choose underwear that will give you a seamless look in your prom dress, just to be on the safe side. Some prom gown fabrics will cling to your body, so you better get rid of those visible panty lines beforehand. Pick a thong panty or G-string for a totally smooth look at the butt area. Or you can choose a seamless boyleg panty if you’re not comfortable wearing thongs.

Want to create an illusion of a smaller waistline? Girdles and waist cinchers can help you with that. They can hide the bulges in your waist and tummy area. Strapless bustier and corsets can also give you the same slimming effect. Just remember that you have to pick the right size. You’d want a shapewear that gives you a shapely look – but it should also allow you room to breathe. You don’t want to pass out on the dance floor, right?

If you’d like to look more “endowed” in the chest area, a push up bra is your best choice. Depending on your dress’s neckline, you can pick from strapless bras or convertible bras to make sure those bra straps are hidden from view. Going for a low neckline dress? Plunge bras can create that instant cleavage that will make you look hot in that sexy number.

There are also what you call backless bras for those – of course what else? – backless prom dresses. These may have low back straps, if you want “invisible” support, or may be something similar to adhesive bras that use skin-friendly adhesives for a more invisible look.

Adhesive bras or nipple covers are what you should pick if you plan to wear a prom dress that would show more skin. Just remember to secure your sexy gowns with some double sided clothing tapes to avoid embarrassing “peek-a-boos”.

So remember girls, picking the right underwear matters as much as buying the prom dress that will make you a real stunner. What you wear underneath will not only make you look more beautiful, it will also give you the confidence that will surely earn you the award of the night’s prom queen.

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