Toronto Shopping – 3 Popular Shopping Destinations

If you’ve ever been to Toronto you’ll know that the city is a huge multicultural mix with great shopping opportunities throughout. Toronto is one of those cities where you can spend days just shopping, and with great reason, it is Canada’s biggest city and the shopping center of Ontario. My experience with Toronto was that it is definitely a great place for shopping, you can go store-to-store with amazing boutiques and great deals on downtown streets, but you also need a plan of action or you’ll be exhausted. I have outlined 3 of the places I had the best experiences of shopping in Toronto.

1. First, it wouldn’t be shopping in Toronto if you didn’t visit the Toronto Eaton Centre. The Eaton Centre is a huge shopping mall with absolutely amazing deals on designer clothes, great food, electronics and everything else you need. It is also, believe it or not, Toronto’s top tourist attraction with over 1 million visitors every week! You can get here through the Dundas or Queen subway stations and it is a shopping trip you will absolutely love. It is a very busy mall right in downtown Toronto, but you will find so many great deals it’s hard to resist coming here. It also forms part of the Toronto PATH underground network, which is great fun for tourists and locals alike. I bought some great clothes at amazing deals from stores here.

2. Next, when Toronto shopping, make sure to visit Chinatown on Spadina. Chinatown is a testament to Toronto’s unique multiculturalism, where you feel like you’ve stepped into another country from one block to another. In Chinatown you can experience great stores with fantastic Chinese culture, taste delicious Chinese recipes, and of course buy lots of neat things at great bargain prices. In Toronto’s Chinatown you can shop for clothes, paintings, lamps, antiques, jewelry and much more. I would go just to experience the food because the food I ate there is simply delicious! Definitely a unique place in Toronto and highly recommended.

3. Thirdly, Toronto shopping wouldn’t feel right until you visit the popular Kensington Market. This is the place to buy cheap stuff at great bargains and sales. You can find clothes, suits, decorations, great food, furniture, souvenirs and more great savings in this extremely popular shopping region. It really feels like a Toronto market experience and I enjoyed simply walking through and browsing the great variety of things on display, the rich culture and the essence of a wonderful Toronto shopping district. This place is a wonderful experience.

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