Its snowboarding season again. If your snowboard has been in storage most of the year, then it may not be in the best shape. Maybe it’s time to get a new snowboard? Or maybe you just want to get a new board to try out some tricks or to take on that half-pipe you’ve always had your eye on? If so, here are a few tips to make your decision easier:


The most important consideration you will make when choosing a new snowboard is the terrain you will be snowboarding on. The most popular type of board is an all-mountain board. These boards are great for beginners and just about any level of experience. All-mountain boards can handle the backcountry, but are also great for groomed runs and boarding parks. For most boarders, this is the type you will choose. There’s also the freestyle or park board. These boards are shorter and more flexible, making them great for doing tricks. Freestyle boards are not as stable, so are not recommended for beginners. If you have big feet or are a big person in general, then you can choose a wide board. This board simply gives you extra room for your wider feet, thus eliminating any drag that overhanging feet can cause. If you want to speed your way downhill, then consider a freeride board. This board is stiffer, allowing more speed and stability. There’s also powder boards, which are made specifically for handling deeper snow that is off trails or outside of parks.

Camber or Rocker

Like with skis, snowboards have an arc, generally called the camber or rocker. A rocker board works great in deeper powder and is easier to turn and control. A camber board has more spring and edge control, thus making it faster.

Importance of Boots

Many people don’t realize the importance of good snowboarding boots. It’s especially important to get a new pair of snowboarding boots to go along with your new board. The boots you choose will determine whether you are comfortable on your snowboard or whether you’re in pain, so don’t be stingy with this purchase and splurge if you can. If your feet are in pain, you simply can’t enjoy yourself on your snowboard! When in the store, try on the boots with the snowboard and give it a few minutes so your feet can feel how comfortable it will be for you. Choose boots that will fit nicely with your snowboard but, most importantly, are comfortable for you.

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