These are the best chunky heels based on comfort and style

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If you’re on the hunt for a durable pair of heels that can instantly give you a couple inches in height, then a pair of chunky heels is the way to go. Purchasing a pair of high heels may sound risky to some – especially for those who are new to heels – but a set of high-quality chunky heels are usually the most comfortable.

Nothing is worse than a pair of heels that leave you with blisters or sore feet, which is why it’s just as important to purchase heels that benefit both your foot and #OOTD. For example, you’ll want to consider things like heel height and thickness. It can mean all the difference between heels that leave you looking on-trend and heels that have you wishing you left your house in slippers.

Buying chunky heels shouldn’t be hard, which is why we’ve curated a list of the best chunky heels of 2022.

Top Picks

Editor’s choice: TOP Moda Women’s Chunky Heel

The Top Modas’ Women’s chunky heels are lightweight and lifted. These adopt an ultra-lightweight design that comfortably hugs your feet, so you can wear them all day long.

These heels also have a stylish top ankle strap that ensures a secure and comfortable fit to prevent your feet from slipping or moving out of place.

Another style plus? The black metallic glitter finish gives these heels an elegant and timeless design that can be worn with multiple outfits and styles. If you’re someone who loves a little pop of color in their wardrobe, these heels are available in multiple shades, including lavender, nude and ivory.


  • Adopt a lifted and lightweight design

  • Include a stylish ankle strap that prevents your feet from slipping

  • The metallic glitter finish gives these heels a timeless look

  • The measurements are true to size


Best nude chunky heels: Ankis Heels for Women

The Ankis women’s chunky heels offer some of the best options for every woman.

Their elegant strappy design makes them both comfortable and versatile (a huge plus for those looking for a chunky heel that can be worn to multiple events).

These heels are available in multiple neutral colors, including black, silver, gold and nude. Their finishes also include a variety of options, including glitter and suede. The adjustable straps provide customized support to your feet, while the thick heel and latex sole design delivers the perfect height while maintaining comfort.


  • Available in multiple classic colors

  • Comes in both glitter and suede finishes

  • Adopts and thick heel and latex sole design for increased comfort


  • Comes in only 4 colors: nude, black, gold, silver glitter

Best variety: DREAM PAIRS Women’s Chunk Low Heel Pump Sandals

The Dream Paris women’s chunky heels are available in 24 different colors. These chunky heels measure approximately 3 inches and provide an adjustable buckle ankle closure.

Designed with a TPR rubber sole and a latex padded insole for additional comfort, the base heel grip also helps to prevent slips and falls (an all too familiar scenario for those who live in the city or wet climates!)

From baby blue to bright red, these chunky heels will have you channeling New York Fashion Week every day of the year!



Best suede heels: Allegra K Women’s High Chunky Heels

Want to channel your inner Kardashian? Made from a faux suede material, these chunky heels also include an ankle strap that is adjustable to comfortably hug your feet.

The outsole is made from rubber while the heel is made from an ABS material.

Another plus? The Allegra K women’s high heels are available in 17 stunning colors, including camel and red.

These open toe heels are ideal for formal occasions and can also be worn for everyday activities due to their comfortable design. With a heel height around 3 inches, this chunky heel will provide more than enough lift.


  • Made from a faux suede material

  • Available in 17 different colors

  • Includes an adjustable ankle strap for a customizable fit


Most color options: Soda Topshoeave Wait Womens Open Toe Chunky Heel

If there’s one thing for sure, Soda Topshoeave’s chunky heels excel in both comfort and color options.

Ranging from a gorgeous natural beige to a bold fuchsia color, these heel shoes are also available in eight different colors.

Another notable aspect of these heels is their adjustable ankle strap that allows users to easily adjust the fit to their liking.


  • Available in 8 stunning colors

  • Adopts a timeless suede finish

  • The thick strap boosts comfort


How to buy high-quality chunky heels: a buying guide

Shopping for a pair of heels, especially chunky heels, is not easy. There are so many things to consider when shopping for the right pair of chunky heels. From deciding on the right heel height to whether you want platforms or not, it can be a hard day’s work. Poorer quality heels of any variety can be miserable to walk in, and annoyingly so, the heel can show wear after only a few uses.

In this guide, you’ll explore a few key aspects you might want to look into as well as some crucial things to consider before your next purchase.

What are chunky heels?

The word “chunky heels” is a relatively new word and considerably unfamiliar to a lot of people. Instead of the traditional stiletto or pencil heels with their cigarette thin shape, chunky heels are new and improved with a block heel style that resembles a chunk, hence the name.

This change in the standard heel model has made it so that the heel is not only more comfortable – as there is more surface area present for the feet to stand on – but just as fashionable as any other heel design.

Plus, with so many new and emerging subcultures like the “e-girl” and “soft-girl” aesthetics, it’s no wonder why chunky heels have blown up in popularity. People may choose to dress goth or pair their edgy outfits with a pair of jet black chunky heels. On the contrary, some may also choose to take inspiration from anime and replicate a girly outfit by finishing their soft-girl look with a set of pastel white or pink chunky heels.

You chunky heel options are endless, whether it’s a fancy day out or just a casual meeting with friends. Chunky heels can provide the two things any person would look for in shoes: comfort and style.

Things to consider before buying a pair of chunky heels


This is pretty self-explanatory. When shopping for a pair of shoes, especially heels, it’s important to get the right size. Geographically speaking, US and UK sizes are slightly different – just as the case with individual brands – so knowing the difference can save you from making a return.

Due to the narrow front, heels can sometimes be too tight. On the other hand, some heels may also be quite loose fitting because of the material and other factors for which you may want to size down a number. This is why it’s important to get your heel size right as both too large and too small heels can be super uncomfortable to walk in due to the blisters and injuries they may cause.

Heel Height

Although the typical chunky heel model is usually a high-heeled version with a front elevation as well (like a platform), it’s not difficult to come across a variety of heel heights, including relatively short ones. Heels that provide the most comfort tend to offer an adequate amount of height without putting too much strain or stress on your back.

Depending on the occasion for which you’re buying a pair of heels, you can adjust the height accordingly to meet your needs, whether that’s comfort or height.


Comfort is probably one of the most crucial aspects you can look into when shopping for a pair of chunky heels. Since they provide a considerable amount of elevation, it’s important to make sure they’re easy on your feet and comfortable to walk in. A feature that can truly change the comfort game is a cushioned or memory foam insole.

Heels that feature extra cushioning can mean all the difference in wearing your shoes all night or kicking them off after an hour. If by any chance you’re not able to find a pair of heels with a memory foam insole, you can also purchase a separate insole to make your not-so-comfortable heels more comfy.

What to look for in a pair of chunky heels

If comfort is your number one priority when shopping for chunky heels, then try investing in a pair that’s below 3 inches. Generally speaking, you want to look for a heel with a good bottom grip base to avoid slipping accidents, too.

Always look for that extra boost of pillowing that can take the edge off of your high heels. Another tip: Make sure the heel block is as wide as possible to give you more stability and prevent you from rolling an ankle.

Now, if your main priority is height, then you’ll want to purchase a pair of high chunky heels that also have a slight platform. This can help reduce the high arch that comes with high heels, while still giving you good height.

How to make chunky heels more comfortable

Opting for a pair of heels with straps and buckles can help reduce some of the discomfort that comes with heels. Additionally, it’s also important to break into your new pair of shoes by stretching them out. This is especially important if you’re getting the heels for a special occasion or taking them on a trip.

Wearing them around the house a few times can really help. To add further comfort to your pair of heels, you can try investing in a set of silicone gel inserts that go under your feet to make standing in them easier.

People also asked

Q: Which heel styles are the most comfortable?

A: Wedges, block and kitten heels are some of the most comfortable designs. Though as goes with any shoe, comfort will always depend on personal preference and usage. Someone who always purchases the wrong size of heel, for example, can end up believing the shoe is the problem. And when it comes to someone who doesn’t wear their heels in prior to wearing them out, that same person can ultimately find themselves dealing with avoidable ankle pains that come with a too snug heel.

Q: What type of heels are the most expensive?

A: Heels made from leather or suede tend to be more expensive than those made from synthetic materials. If you’re looking to go the eco-friendly route, heels made from recycled materials, like repurposed plastic water bottles, can cost more due to production costs.

Another thing to keep in mind is the store that you’re buying from. For example, thrifted heels, regardless of brand, can be priced at 50% to 70% less than the original price.

Q: What can I use to break into my heels?

A: A shoe stretcher is a cheaper alternative that can help you break into your heels. Another creative method is putting on a thick pair of socks and blowing the perimeter of the heel with a blow dryer set on high heat. While strange sounding, doing this will help mold the heel and ultimately save you from dealing with sore toes later in the day.

A third method is wearing your shoes around your space. If you know you’ll be home for the majority of the day, you can break into your chunky heels by keeping them on while you do the laundry or make your bed.

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