Spring 2012 Jewelry Fashion Trends

Spring is here: A time for rebirth, renewal… and new jewelry fashion trends! So what should be on the to-wear list this spring? Jewelry this season is all about bright colors, big and bold statement pieces, and gold, baby, gold. Here’s a rundown of the jewelry styles being seen on the runways and red carpets around the world.

Pastel colors are in, especially mint green. You probably have plenty of pastel colored clothing in your closet already. That’s a good thing, because soft candy hues and sherbet shades are the tasty colors this season. Mint green is going to be super popular, along with orange and tangerine. Pick up a big bright peach or pink bracelet, oversized rectangular ring or gemstone pendant necklace to go with a matching blouse, handbag, pair of jeans or shoes.

Go mad with mod. What was groovy is now groovy again. Retro 1960s-esque jewelry is back, thanks in part to the return of AMC’s super popular Mad Men series. If that’s your style, go for Art Deco, geometric shapes such as triangle/chevron earrings or necklaces with circular or square pendants. Clothing company Banana Republic is on the bandwagon. They just launched a Mad Men-inspired spring clothing and jewelry line featuring more than 40 pieces for both men and women, designed in collaboration with Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant. Groovy, baby, yeah.

Time to wear tribal. Have you ever gone on vacation and bought an exotic piece of tribal jewelry? Great news: Now’s the time to wear it. The bigger and more striking, the better. Think layered necklaces with beads, stones, crystals, and fringe or feathered earrings (Thanks again, Steven Tyler). Get really exotic by adding a few carved wooden sticks to your hair. In fact, hair jewelry is back in a big way. Dust off those barrettes and hair bands, and if you’re feeling particularly playful, wear a tiara or brooche pinned in place for a night out.

Gold, baby, gold. Over the past decade or so, silver jewelry has reigned, at least with younger people, but yellow gold is making a big comeback in 2012. Gold jewelry is never really out of style – it’s a timeless look that says class and elegance. Look for polished satin and shiny hammered gold pieces with woven textured patterns and finishes. To take your diamond ring to the next level, sandwich in between two gold bands. And don’t forget about golden stones like beryl and rutilated quartz in a necklace, earrings or pendant.

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