With the explosion of different women’s shapewear manufacturers on the market in recent years, Lytess shapewear for women has established a reputation for itself amongst its competitors. From slimming leggings and capris to slimming arm sleeves, the company maintains a wide product line to meet the needs of their clientele. Two of the most popular slimming undergarments by Lytess are its slimming capris and biking shorts. The majority of the Lytess produce line contains anti-cellulite technology, which discourages the formation of cellulite in a woman’s figure by providing micro massagers incorporated into the fabric used in the garment’s construction.

Most of the slimming undergarments offered by Lytess are available in color choices of black, nude, or white to ensure that each garment will blend seamlessly underneath a woman’s street clothes. The aforementioned micro massagers found in the material of Lytess shapewear for women include caffeine and shea butter microcapsules. The massaging action of these capsules is released by the friction of a woman’s bodily movements against the fabric of the garment. Caffeine is well known for its ability to mobilize fats, and shea butter is recognized for its moisturizing and emollient properties towards the skin.

The effect that Lytess shapewear will have upon a woman is going to be dependent upon the particular garment she chooses. For example, in clinical tests, women who wore the Lytess slimming capris encountered a reduction of up to 2.1″ from the appearance of their hips and up to 1.2″ from their thighs in just 21 days. These compression capris not only reduced the appearance of fat, but it assisted the participants’ bodies in actually removing the fat permanently. In the same study, up to 46% of women acknowledged that the overall condition of their skin had also improved after wearing Lytess capris and biking short.

The recent advances in technology and fashion are displayed perfectly in the design of Lytess shapewear for women. In addition to their effectiveness at producing notable results, these slimming undergarments are well-priced, with most pieces being priced under the $99.99 mark. In consumer written reviews, most women praised the effective action of these slimming undergarments, while noting that the garments were not unnecessarily tight, nor did they pinch their skin. Women who are interested in purchasing their own pieces of Lytess shapewear for women may locate these garments at most upscale department stores, like Macy’s, or through numerous online retailers, such as Amazon.com.

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