Raven Rose Boutique brings a little spring to Strawberry Hill Plaza in Guilford


GUILFORD — Spring is in the air and it seems like it touched down in Raven Rose Boutique, leaving its trace on the cabinets, hangers and displays.

Vibrant peasant blouses, floral balloon-sleeved tops, maxi dresses, capris and lightweight sweaters in spring hues — tender peach, robin’s egg blue, gentle khaki, tan and mauve brighten up the space in the town’s newest women’s boutique.

“It’s pretty much like a new starting,” stated proprietor Katherine Loomis. “We commenced in the wintertime, it was the new detail, now it’s a various colour palette and it is new to all these persons that are coming in. It is thrilling. It provides in a complete distinct vibe to the store.”


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