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Technic Cosmetics recently launched three mini eyeshadow palettes in pastel colours. I bought these three and I have been using them for some time to create different looks. Today I am going to review each one of the new Technic eyeshadow palettes.


What does the brand say?

As usual with Technic Cosmetics, the brand does not say too much about the product. From their website, Technic cosmetics, we know they are vegan and cruelty-free. They are available in three different options and they contain 10.5 grams of product each.

Technic Eyeshadow Palettes Shades Available

These palettes are available in three shades:

  • Blueberry Pie, based in lilac and purple tones
  • Raspberry Ripple, based in pink and yellow tones
  • Peppermint Cream, based on mint shades

Price and availability

The price of each palette is £4.50 and they are not widely available in the UK. I bought them directly from the Technic website.

Technic Eyeshadow Palettes Packaging

What do I think about Technic Eyeshadow Palettes?

About the packaging

These palettes come in a cheap see-through plasticky pack, as expected for a so affordable product. The lid closes through a click system. On the lid, you can read the name of the brand in the colour corresponding to the palette.

The packaging is very fragile and does not protect the product at all, therefore, you should be careful when handling it as if it falls down the product will break. In fact, I received my Peppermint Cream palette with one of the shades broken.

Firstly, I claimed Technic and they sent me a replacement, which I received even worst if that is possible. I claimed a second time. However, this time they never came back to me. Finally, I got a refund, bin the second palette and kept the first one, after a deep cleaning, although a shade is partially broken.

Inside the pack, there are 7 pans on each palette. Some of them are square while others have a rectangular shape and a bigger size. On each palette, the top-right pan is engraved with the Technic logo while in the bottom-left pan, they engraved the name of the palette.

Each palette contains 10.5 grams of the product.


About the shades

The three palettes contain nine pans, each with a mix of matte and shimmer shades. The Raspberry Ripple contains 4 matte and three shimmer pans while the other two come with the opposite combination, that is three matte and four shimmer shades. Let’s see them one by one.

Blueberry Pie

Peppermint Cream

Raspberry Ripple

Technic Eyeshadow Palettes Swatches

I love how these palettes swatch. I cannot explain with words, so you can see in the video how they look.

About the texture and pigmentation

All the matte shades have high pigmentation. Normally pastel eyeshadows do not have a very high pigmentation due to the pigments needed for the formulation. However, I was surprised with the pigmentation after using these palettes for the very first time.

They are very easy to blend and you can build them up easily for a more intense effect. They are not very chalky, therefore, there is almost no fall-out when you apply them.

The shimmer shades have a powder to cream texture. They are very soft and feel like butter when you touch them. I think that maybe they are excessively tender and creamy. When you pick them up from the pan they tend to break and you need to keep pressing them to avoid shimmering everywhere. Sometimes due to this fact you pick up and apply an excess of product on your lid and, consequently, you increase fall-out.

They also have good pigmentation. However, they are not as intense on the lid as they are on the swatches. You cannot apply them with a brush, but that is fairly normal for most shimmer eyeshadows in general. Therefore, I prefer to apply them with my fingers.

Sometimes I apply them directly over the lid. However, they look so much better, intense and sparkly when you apply them as a topper over any other matte eyeshadow. With this application, your eyelids look as if a unicorn has vomited over them. ❤❤❤ Amazing!

Technic Eyeshadow Palettes wearing time

In terms of longevity, they last all day on the lids. I apply them in the morning and in the evening my eyeshadow makeup is still in place without re-applying during the day, using any glitter glue and with almost no fall-out.

Not all is perfect

The main problem with the shimmer shades is the high amount of fall-out you get when you apply them. The first time I used them, I finished first my face makeup and ended with shimmer everywhere all over the face. It was the shimmer party!!!!! Now when I use these palettes, I always do first my eye makeup, clean the fall-out and finally apply all the face makeup products.

Another problem is that I find it quite difficult to apply the eyeliner over the shimmer shades. The eye pencil does not glide over the shimmer. The tip ends completely full of eyeshadow and therefore leaves a very low intensity or weak line.

It is a bit better when you use a pen eyeliner, but again some of the shimmer shades cover the pen tip completely and you need a long time to make a visible eye line.

My favourite palette of this collection

Which is my favourite palette?

I love all three. Each one allows me to do a different makeup look, the three contain colours that I love and all perform in a similar way.

I am obviously quite disappointed with the Peppermint Cream as one shade is broken and all is full of shimmer as soon as I open the palette.

If I can choose only one palette, I would choose the Raspberry Ripple in pink and yellow shades. I find this palette is really appropriate for springtime and I loved all the looks I made with it.

I want to share with you some of the looks I did use these palettes.


  • Good pigmentation
  • Nice pastel colours with vibrant shimmer shades
  • Buildable and easy to blend
  • Last all-day
  • Affordable
  • Vegan and cruelty-free


  • A lot of fall-outs
  • Shimmer shades are extremely fragile
  • Difficult application of the eyeliner
  • Not widely available in the UK
  • Very fragile and plasticky packaging

Do I recommend them?

Yes, I fully recommend them. They are one of these little treasures Technic Cosmetics launch occasionally (well, Technic has actually a lot of little treasures, I already reviewed the Hot Foil eyeshadow palette). They are very cheap but have huge quality. Therefore, I recommend buying all of them if you can.

However, if you can or want to buy only one, I would recommend my favourite, the Raspberry Ripple, but it will depend on which are your favourite colours.

Let me know in the comments which is your favourite palette and if you are going to buy only one or all three.



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