Movie Star – Celebrity Photos

Today’s entertainment world undoubtedly revolves around movies and movie star. Music has been a source of entertainment from the very beginning. But movies, feature films and videos are latest addition in the entertainment industry.

Ever since it is invented it has been able to capture audience rapidly. Much of its credit goes to our movie stars and celebrities who charm us with their charismatic acting ability, style and elegance.

Movies stars are today’s style icons. Youngsters are always fond of them. It is hard to find any one who doesn’t keep details of his favorite movie star. Internet and electronic media take us even into the bedroom of the celebrities!

Courtesy Internet that all sorts of celebrity photos, videos and movies are just a matter of one mouse click. Twenty years earlier, it was only the news and celebrity magazines that we had to look for our favorite movie stars’ photos and articles. But the web is spreading rapidly; you don’t have to wait for the monthly issue of popular film magazines to get celeb photos any more. You can easily download popular celebrity photos, pictures and wallpapers any time.

Today’s youngsters are not happy with mere professional details of the celebs. How many awards have Russel Crowe or Leonardo DeCaprio won; how Daniel Craig has outperformed everyone in his latest release Defiance; whether Kate Winslet has been nominated for the Academy Award or not are not of interest of common people anymore. They want more. There are hundreds of websites to provide you with every detail of your favorite star such as what he or she loves to eat, loves to wear, what’s her favorite brand for apparel and accessories or what her favorite pass time is and many more.

Websites are competing with each other with exclusive news, articles and photos of celebs and movie star. Winnoa Rider was caught for shop lifting is not news anymore. The latest news is that she has been accused of swiping Bulgari jewels worth $124,000 before attending an award ceremony.

Morgan Freeman has recently escaped a car accident near Tallahatchie County. What the joke this famous film star made on his close shave are already on the web.

People are more curious about the latest status of the relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt than that of Pitt’s latest film release ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. Everyone knows the name of their new born baby. Exclusive photos of Brad and Angelina with their babies are selling like hot cakes.

Not only the latest gossips and scoops, all new videos of your favorite movie stars are also available on the web. You can download photos and videos of Bedtime Stories, Star Trek, The Spirit, Marley & Me and many more with just a single click of mouse.

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