Mens Compression Wear Product Review – Men’s Ultra Light Compression Cotton Spandex Tank

Underworks Men’s Ultra Light Compression Tank Review

Underworks not only manufactures men’s girdles, but they also provide a wide assortment of compression wear, t-shirts, and tank tops meant to be worn underneath your clothes for a smooth, streamline appearance (and smaller tummy!). The Ultra Light Compression Cotton Spandex Tank is made out of pure cotton with sizes ranging from small (32-35) up to triple X (53-56). The product may be used as an invisible undergarment with extra comfort that cotton provides. Advertisements promise that the cotton, stretch and fit of the spandex will suit your body like skin. Furthermore, the product claims to be comfortable for all day wear.

Does this men’s compression garment work as advertised?

According to Amazon customer reviews, most purchasers seem satisfied upon receiving their own Cotton Spandex Tank. As a matter of fact, this product was given 3.5 out of 5 stars total. Most men reported that the compression tank effectively hid unsightly bulges around the midsection. An added plus is that some reviews noted that the tank added shape and definition to the pectorals! Such good results came unexpected, since the advertisements for the Ultra Light Compression Tank did not claim chest definition and enhancement. Others stated an immediate remarkable difference between their appearance in dress pants with and without the compression tank top.

As expected, there were also a few complaints. A number of reviews made negative comments about the difficulty of taking the compression garment off and on. However, one consumer did not that this process was easier once the instructions were carefully read, and the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Some consumers also remarked that their Spandex Tank offered little back support, a feature that they very much expected it to have. A few reviewers also mentioned that the Men’s Ultra Light Compression Cotton Spandex Tank gets a bit hot in the midsection after some time, but it indeed delivers on its promise of a trimmer midsection.

Overall Product Review for Men’s Ultra Light Compression Cotton Spandex Tank

On the whole, consumers thought that this compression garment works for added smoothing in the waist and midsection. Even with a few negative comments, the number of customers who enjoyed this product far outweighed those that didn’t. Even still others thought that this compression tank offered fair quality, but was nothing to write home about. Since the decision is a split, it would be better if men whom are initially purchasing the Underworks compression tank should try buying one first before ordering more.

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