Men’s Belts – The Ins and Outs of This Men’s Fashion Accessory

A belt is one of the most essential wardrobe pieces for most men, and many men feel like they are not really dressed unless they are wearing a men’s belt. More than just a band of leather or cloth that holds your jeans or pants on your body securely; men’s belts are also fashion accessories. Women have got their purses and shoes, men are wild about belts! Choosing the right one is important.


It is a myth about men’s belts that they should purchase the same belt size as their waist size. Most men’s clothiers will admit that a man should purchase one that is a whole size larger than their waist size, or even larger. For example, if your waist size is a thirty-four, you should purchase a size thirty-six or thirty-eight belt. Inversely, you don’t want it to be too big, either, because it will look bulky tucked into the loops of your pants. The belt should go no further than the second loop back. It should be long enough that it is easy to buckle it to your desired tightness in the middle hole; not the last hole or notch, which might make your belt appear too big, or the first notch, which might make the men’s belt appear too small.


The width of the belt is important also. For everyday wear or casual wear, one should be two inches wide or wider. For formal occasions and for dress slacks or pants, one that is one or one-and-one-half inches wide are the best choice. You should also consider the size of the loops when selecting the width of the belt you will wear. You want it to barely touch the loops when it is threaded through them, never to look pinched or worse yet – that seem to be lost in a huge loop.


While your budget is a consideration when choosing men’s belts, you should also take into consideration that splurging on a very expensive one when your clothes are not expensive will make the belt too obvious when it’s worn. Likewise, it should not be so inexpensive that it makes your expensive jeans look shabby.


In general, a simple leather belt in black or brown is ideal for everyday. And although you might be outgoing and fun, it is usually a good idea to leave belts that are studded or printed for the Red Carpet or just wear them for events like New Year’s Eve or other celebrations, but never to the office.

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