The memories of a prom night usually stay with an individual for her life. Therefore, it’s not surprising that shopping for a prom dress and its matching accessories is one of the most sought after moments in any teenage girl’s life! What you wear and how you carry yourself is undoubtedly very important. In fact, so much of importance is assigned to this high school and college function that every thing about it becomes news. Considering this — it does not come as a big surprise that the whole nation is talking about the famous Kelly Pickler prom dress.

Kelly Pickler, the cute and adorable contestant of American Idol, was an instant hit with a majority of viewers. This small-town, vulnerable-looking girl from South Carolina became famous for her country songs and one-liners. Hailing from a broken family, her naive looks garnered enough sympathy from everybody to take her to great heights of popularity. However, the whole country got a rude shock when a particular picture of hers surfaced. Here’s the scoop —

This particular picture showed her wearing a red colored prom dress which most people found to be very offensive! This was primarily because the dress was very revealing and had a built in thong! The dress, people thought, was not in accordance to the popular innocent image which Kelly portrayed. This was found all the more offensive because Kelly hails from a small town and girls out there do not dress this way (?) for proms.

The question now arises is, how far is it justified to create such an uproar about something as personal as a girl’s prom dress? What one wears is undoubtedly one’s personal choice and decision. However, one should not forget that celebrity status demands a certain price! Kelly represents a certain segment of the population and is definitely answerable to her fans who have made her popular. Celebrities should generally take care not to hurt the sentiments of their supporters because it is the public who makes them popular.

Therefore, it did not come as a surprise that her glaring, baring prom dress attracted so much negative attention. However, it must also be realized that instead of creating an uproar one can do more subtle things like withdrawing support. The now popular Kelly Pickler prom dress was no doubt offensive, but fact remains that absolutely nobody can restrict Kelly from wearing the same again. As far as Kelly is concerned, she must be well aware of the consequences of her wearing such a dress. So, she should be best left alone as far as her personal grooming is concerned. The people on their part got to learn a lesson that looks can be deceptive.

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