How To Start, Maintain, And Remove Them

ByRonald A. Hurley

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But initial, what are wick dreads?

Wick dreads, also recognised as wick locs, are a single of the most recent trends in dreadlock designs. They are thicker than standard dreadlocks some individuals only have 6-8 wick dreads on their entire head. While it’s frequently difficult to observe down the actual origin of a new development, this one most likely begun in the Afro-Caribbean communities in Florida. From there, it distribute to mainstream reputation as rappers and other celebrities started off to don wick dreads.

The name “wick dreads” will make the comparison to a candle wick – since the dreads are so thick, they stand up out of the scalp like a candle wick sticking up out of the wax.

How Do You Get started Wick Dreads?

AdvertsThere are a handful of unique approaches you can use to commence wick dreads. You can have them done by a professional hairdresser, or even get started them you at residence. In standard, your hair demands to be at the very least 6 inches long in purchase to start wick dreads, but you can absolutely commence them on for a longer period hair as effectively.

Wick Dreads With Crochet Needles

This method uses crochet needles, which are exclusive equipment utilized for forming dreadlocks. You can use a one prong needle or a double or triple prong needle for this process.

  1. Divide Your hair into Sections. This is an essential action since this is when you determine exactly how thick you want your wick locks to be, and how numerous you want on your head. Portion your hair out working with rubber bands to hold every single part different.
  2. Crochet the Hair. Starting up in the vicinity of the root, press the crochet needle regularly into the section of hair, even though keeping the hair continuous with your other hand. Move all close to the hair to build the preferred cylindrical condition. At the time the hair commences to type collectively into a lock, shift down the area until finally you’ve fused the comprehensive length of your hair. Repeat on each individual portion.
  3. Increase Extensions. If your hair is brief, but you’d like to have a for a longer time lock type, you can purchase wick dread extensions that you can crochet into your hair. If you have to have to, comb out an inch or two of hair at the major conclusion of the extension (whilst some extensions arrive with cost-free ends for set up). Sandwich your hair into the no cost conclusion of the extension and commence crocheting, just like in stage two. This will incorporate the extension into your all-natural hair.

Just be certain you sectioned out your hair to match the width of your extensions, so your wick dreads glance consistent as they grow out.

Wick Dreads With Rubber Bands

This process takes a little bit of time, but it is also a process of starting up wick dreads that normally takes significantly less perform upfront. Follow the measures under:

  1. Area out your hair into your wished-for lock dimension. Then put various rubber bands down the length of every single part of hair, forming them into a wick dread shape.
  2. Wait around. Depart the rubber bands in for a few or 4 weeks, giving your hair time to type into dreads on its have.
  3. Examine on your dreads. Right after a handful of months, you can just take the rubber bands out and see how perfectly your dreads are forming. If your hair is nonetheless free and not being in the lock form, place the rubber bands back again on for a further 3 or 4 months. 

Wick Dreads With Freeform Dreads

This approach also requires some time and tolerance, but it’s a wonderful way to get started your dreads. If you know your hair will normally develop into dreadlocks, consider advantage of that to produce your wick dread type.

  1. Permit your hair obviously type into locks. This portion doesn’t acquire considerably manipulation, just enable your hair do its detail.
  2. Type the wick dreads. Dreadlocks have a inclination to mix with each other into “Congos”, where by various dreads will come alongside one another at the root to kind a person larger dread. This is a fantastic matter when seeking to sort the thicker wick dread design. When they commence to combine, merely different your dreads into the thickness you want, and that is it!

How To Care For Wick Dreads

man with wick dreads

AdvertsOf training course, now that you have your wick dreads, you are going to want to sustain them thoroughly. Listed here are some recommendations and tricks for maintaining your wick dreads content and balanced at any length or thickness.

Clean Regularly 

This is very important to retaining the wellbeing and cleanliness of your wick dreads. Be confident to clean your hair comprehensively at least one to two moments a month, dependent on how filthy your locks get, and your hair’s unique wants.

Dry Carefully 

Just as crucial as washing your hair is drying it wholly. In particular with thicker dreads like wick dreads, this helps prevent the expansion of mold and mildew on the inside of the locks. Begin with a microfiber towel, then air dry or use a blow dryer as essential to clear away all dampness.


Avoid Tight Hairstyles

If you are regularly pulling your wick dreads into limited ponytails or other extreme hairstyles, you operate the threat of harming and breaking the strands of hair. This will weaken your dreads more than time and will maximize the prospect that they will require to be cut off. Rather, don your hair down anytime attainable, and if you do will need to place your hair up for any purpose, stick to looser designs.

Safeguard Your Wick Dreads at Night time

Often wrap your locks up at evening to secure them while you sleep. You can use a silk or satin bonnet, cap, or scarf dependent on your preferences. 

How To Take out Wick Dreads

CommercialsAs stylish as wick dreads are appropriate now, you could get to a level where by you want to adjust up your hairstyle, and we like that for you! Of program, the quickest and simplest way to take out any dreadlock model is to reduce or shave them off. A completely shaved head can be a bold manner statement, but if that’s not the glance you want to go for, don’t be concerned. It is achievable to get rid of wick dreads with out slicing. It usually takes time and tolerance, but it’s really worth it to retain your extended hair.

Here’s how it’s accomplished:

Action 1. Take out any extensions, and trim destroyed ends

This is the only time we’ll counsel chopping off component of your hair, we guarantee! Mainly because no make any difference how properly you cared for your wick dreads, the finishes of your hair will normally grow to be dry, brittle, and ruined over time. It is very best to minimize off the last inch or so of your hair, in particular if it is been a although since your past trim. This is also a excellent option to get rid of any extensions you may have in your hair.

Stage 2. Saturate your hair extensively with hair oil

Focus on the bottom inch or two of the dread you are planning to start out functioning on and be guaranteed the oil penetrates as a result of the complete width of the dread. Sometimes less is extra, but this is absolutely not one of those people instances! Don’t be surprised if you go as a result of a number of bottles of oil by the time you’re completed.

Stage 3. Start combing

It’s very best to use a rat tail comb (a fine-toothed comb with a take care of that will come to a extensive stage at the finish). Use the tail to poke and decide on by means of the hair, carefully untangling it from the wick dread shape. Perform an inch or two at a time, starting up from the close and relocating up towards the root. At the time you have a section unlocked, comb by means of it with a large-toothed comb to get rid of any final tangles.

Action 4. Be patient

It is not strange for this process to acquire a number of hours or even times to complete, depending on the size of your wick dreads. Do not consider to rush by means of it, as you’ll be much more likely to destruction your hair. It may well be practical to braid the unlocked sections of hair to guard them until eventually the unlocking method is finished.


Wick dreads are a daring and trendy new hair pattern, that all people from celebs and influencers to ordinary persons are embracing. They can be worn long or shorter and in distinct widths, and the finest aspect is, you can start off them by on your own at dwelling. Just be certain to care for them correctly, and your magnificent wick dreads will be turning heads for all the suitable motives.


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