How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring: Shopping Tips for Guys


How to Decide on an Engagement Ring

What to know prior to using a knee

how to pick the perfect engagement ring

By Megan Collins | Very last Up to date: May perhaps 12 2022

For numerous of the men I know who are engaged or married, the system of finding a ring was equivalent elements fascinating and astronomically demanding. 

So if you’re ready to be part of their ranks, just take a deep breath. Team SG’s heading to to stroll you via what you need to have to know about engagement ring browsing.

Below, how to pick the great engagement ring in 3 easy(ish) techniques:

1. Set your budget

how to pick the perfect engagement ring
scalloped pavé diamond engagement ring: Outstanding Earth, commencing at $990

Very first items initial. A perfect engagement ring is not fantastic if you can’t afford it.

You might nevertheless have some quite previous-fashioned concepts about engagement rings. Ideas like:

It does not “count” unless it is a model-new diamond. It’s gotta cost two (or 3) months’ salary. Her buddies want to be capable to see the gem from place.

And on the list goes.

But here’s the detail. Unless your bride is coming with a dowry of cattle, you can go away these dated beliefs in the past where they belong.

As our queen Taylor Swift sang, “I like shiny issues, but I’d marry you with paper rings (Uh huh, that’s right).”

If you are tremendous in like, your lady would be just as content with a string all-around her finger. So do not split the bank on the ring!

Over and above that, a good deal of females I know would be anxious to individual a little something that expenditures as substantially as a motor vehicle (and you simply cannot even travel to Focus on in it).

2. Think about all your engagement ring design choices

Gone are the times when heading to the mall’s jewellery shop and perusing what’s driving the glass is your only choice when engagement ring shopping.

The fantastic information? There is so several a lot more options now that won’t require you to set foot in the mall.

Look at a lab-grown diamond.

Diamonds produced in a lab let you to maximize your budget by acquiring up to 30% far more sizing for the very same price. And they’re optically and chemically similar to mined diamonds.

This is a terrific possibility, as well, if the ethics of getting a diamond considerations you or your lover. Diamonds are mined in a lot of countries the place their sale has subsidized war and conflict, including Sierra Leone, Congo, and the Ivory Coast. 

And while lots of suppliers try out to guarantee conflict-free diamonds, organizations like Amnesty Global have expressed skepticism about how prosperous these procedures are.


An additional option?

Non-diamond gems, like start stones.

Kate Middleton engagement ring
credit history: Mario Testino

Not that you think about Kate Middleton as typically as we do, but the Duchess of Cambridge seriously aided usher in the trend with her sapphire engagement ring from Prince William again in 2010.

You 100% do not will need to feel locked into a diamond for your partner’s engagement ring. Gem stones are a great way to increase some colour to this specific piece of jewelry. It is also wonderful for anyone who has (ahem) hinted that she wishes a thing diverse.

And of training course, you can always go classic.

Victorian milk tooth ring: Erica Weiner, $1,900

Which won’t indicate the diamond is conflict-totally free, but you won’t be funding the continuation of this sort of tactics, both.

3. Do your study

diamond cluster ring: Mejuri, $2200

Now that you know what variety of ring you want to acquire, it’s time to get into the research stage.

For any individual who obsessively checks their fantasy leagues every day, this might essentially be pleasurable.

You wouldn’t stroll onto a employed car good deal (or hearth up Carvana) without having a complete Blue Guide investigation. So assume of purchasing an engagement ring the very same way.

And hey, you’re now looking at this, so we’re in very good form already.

Diamonds have four main features that identify their selling price:

Any of these aspects can hugely impact your cash outlay. As no much less an authority than the Gemological Institute of The usa details out, the value variation in between a diamond that’s .99 carats and 1 carat can be significant.

Wait around for it…while also becoming practically impossible to visually discern!

Have you torn your hair out still?

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Of program it’s astounding that you can purchase anything on the internet these days, but getting an engagement ring sight unseen? That could feel a tiny frightening.

By undertaking your research right before starting off the procuring method, you are going to know what to be on the lookout for, and what issues to ask.

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