Guggi Exhibition at John Rocha in London

Great news for label-lovers, this autumn when you draw near to the Mayfair’s high-fashion centre of Dover Street, don’t forget to visit the high-flying Irish fashion designer John Rocha’s in-style London shop, which will be exhibiting classic work by the cutting-edge Irish artist Guggi along with John’s AW10 collection. This collaborative exhibition started on 19th September and runs until 25th November. Guggi Exhibition in London will definitely offer an exotic blend of Rocha’s avant-garde clothes and Guggi’s contemporary art for over a month.

An Irish fashion designer John Rocha is one of the most acclaimed faces in the fashion industry. He’s best known for introducing a unique experimental style for producing up-to-the-minute fabrics and using ground-breaking techniques. This well-established designer has also expanded his portfolio to comprise interiors, crystal, architecture and jewellery. In 2006, John Rocha unveiled his all-the-rage collections for British fashionistas by opening an exclusive lifestyle boutique on the Dover Street. So far, Rocha has won numerous high-status awards for his exceptional creativity.

Guggi is a world-shattering Irish artist, who started off as a musician with Virgin Prunes, but he has lately gained universal acclaim for his minimalistic paintings. Since leaving Virgin Prunes in 1984, he’s exhibited his innovatory paintings, representations of vessels and bowls, in many well-recognized galleries including New York’s Tony Shafrazi Gallery, London’s Osborne Samuel Gallery and Dublin’s Solomon Gallery.

The Rocha’s London store was transformed considerably; various canvases with Guggi’s finest work had been hung on the store’s ground floor and upper floor, the lower ground is used to display and sell Simone Rocha and John Rocha’s off-the-rack menswear label. Most of all, the Guggi Exhibition in London includes fourteen classic examples of the Irish artist’s out-of-the-way paintings and high-quality works on paper that feature abstract and contemporary representations of bowls and other vessels.

So, if you want to explore an unusual combination of John’s avant-garde clothing and Guggi’s creative art, the Guggi Exhibition at John Rocha’s Dover Street store in London is a must-visit exposition.

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