Diamond Ring Purchase Policy For Online Stores

Ronald A. Hurley

Before you buy anything from an online diamond shop or any online shops, it is best to evaluate their purchase policies. Such policies are meant not only to protect the shop but also to attract customers. Here we have consolidated a list of best in-practice policies for online diamond shops beneficial to the customers, of course. Hence, it serves as a brief guideline for what to expect for the terms and conditions associated with your online purchase.

Payment terms

This clause eliminates the fear associated with paying for your online item before you receive it. At least this provides you with peace of mind that until the item arrives, then you will be worrying about it. It is always good to pay for a delivery, just like paying after eating.

Payment terms upgrade: Pay after you receive your diamond ring of the correct quality.

This clause is analogous to pay if you are satisfied. Most diamond online shops like Shira Diamonds can provide a legitimate certificate that comes with the diamond; you could quickly check whether the semi mount diamond rings for sale at Shira Diamonds Dallas that you bought is of the right quality as specified on their website. 

Return Policy

Did you have a time when you had to attend a grand event and just needed to wear something stunning to attract some attraction but on a budget? Ride on this policy! Purchase the diamond ring to wear for the event and demand a refund from the online diamond shop within 30 days (after the event). Usually, these online shops will also tag this policy with a “no question asked” term. But do note not to overdo this, or you might end up on their “unlikely customers” list.


The best proof of the quality of your diamond is given on a certificate from a respectable lab such as “GIA,” ‘AGS.” Please do make sure that your online diamond shop provides the certificate or suffers the consequences of being unable to authenticate your diamond.

Life-time upgrade plan

Twenty years down the road after you purchased your first diamond, you are still allowed to retain 90% of its original price to upgrade to another diamond of higher quality. Who said diamond value depreciates over time?

24/7 Customer service

Though this is not precisely a purchasing policy, it is good to make sure that you have at least a number or an address to contact if something unfortunate happened to your diamond you bought online. It makes more sense, too, if you try to email or contact the customer service to test their speed or quality of service (I always do that)!

Complimentary gifts

Such things always work like a charm; be it a 10% discount for the ring setting, 10/20 dollar voucher, a 20% discount on subsequent purchases, or a special diamond polishing cloth, it still draws a hell of an attraction to customers. Other than that, it is always good to know that the online diamond shop that you are purchasing from is actively retaining customers.

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