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So you’re planning a trip to Phuket for your next holiday and Muay Thai for fitness program is on your schedule for the trip? You probably want to prepare everything you need so that you won’t face any challenges when you arrive. But there’s one thing you must stop for a second to ask. What cloth should I pack? Where should I go shopping for sportswear? Is there any specific design I must buy for my Muay Thai training for loss weight program?   

The answer is yes to all three questions.    

You’ll need to shop for your Muay Thai sportswear, and they often come with their unique design and fashion. However, you can also go outside the norm when shopping for your sportswear, provided it is comfortable enough for you to train with.   

You will find several shopping malls and Muay Thai training centers in Thailand or Phuket where you can buy your sportswear, but you can also visit a Muay Thai shop in your country or purchase online.   

Here’s the Muay Thai fashion, design, and sportswear to look for   

Once you’re ready to hit the gym and work out your fitness for health and weight loss benefits, there’s a list of things you need to buy. Let’s get into them:   


Muay Thai shorts are unique and different from other sports shorts because they are very comfortable and have more legroom. You’ll be doing a lot of kicking, dodging, and punching, and you’ll need a short that has enough legroom for you to take a comfortable stance.   

The best short for Muay Thai training is the official MMA-designed short, but you can also get any other short you find comfortable.   


Men training in Muay Thai can choose between a sports tee, a singlet, or in places where it is allowed, they can go topless.   

Women would need to wear tops, but they can choose between a Muay Thai top, a sports bra, or a singlet as well.   

Boxing gloves   

You will find special Muay Thai boxing gloves when you go shopping. These gloves have a better grip than you will get when you use just any boxing glove. They also protect your hand from injuries and ensure that your wrists don’t get dislocated as you train and spar.   

If you don’t need gloves, you can use a cloth to make wraps to protect your hand as you train.   


When training in a Muay Thai gym, several guards can protect you.    

Shin guards are not compulsory to begin your training, but as you progress in your training and start sparring, you might need shin guards to protect your shins so you don’t get injured.   

Mouth Guards are probably more important than shin guards once you start sparring, especially at the intermediate and expert level because you need to protect your mouth from punches and ensure you don’t lose your teeth in the process.   



You’re ready to have fun as you start your fitness training at a Muay Thai camp in Thailand.  Suwitmuaythai at summer capital is a good Muay Thai program for at Phuket in holiday and you can Muay Thai cloth too.   

Ensure to get the best design of your Muay Thai shorts and other sportswear to ensure that you’re set to have the best training experience.   

Trust us; Muay Thai sportswear can be fashionable, comfortable, and fun!