Gout is a chronic disease caused by purine metabolism disorder and uric acid crystal sedimentation on the joints. It’s very difficult to cure gout. Medications are the most common and effective treatment to cure gout. Generally, there are two kinds of medications for treatment of gout, anti-inflammatory analgesic and uric-acid-lowering drugs. Uric-acid-lowering drugs are usually prescribed in mitigation phase in which the pain is relieved. The mitigation phase is the best period to decrease uric acid.

There are two categories of uric-acid-lowering drugs. The first medications are to promote the uric acid to expel from kidney. You must take them by daylight and meanwhile take sufficient water in case of calculus. And the second medications are to restrain the uric acid in liver. But you should watch the allergy reaction of rash and itch when taking this kind of medications. Due to risk of calculus, these medications are not recommended.

Anti-inflammatory analgesic is used in acute phase when the red, swelling and severe pain in the joints are main symptoms. We should keep the joints immobility and lift it in high place. Then we need to relief the pain and diminish the inflammation through non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), colchicines or traditional Chinese medications. The high-purine food is forbidden. Once the pain and swelling disappear, patients should stop using the medications.

However, we have to know these medications will bring some side effects for long-term use. So a regular test and adverse reaction monitoring should be performed.Western medicine can have some effect in a short period of time, but, if you want a thorough treatment of gout, we recommend that you choose for treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Now, gout medicine can be bought cheaper with iherb code.