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Visiting Spain and you don’t want to be the odd fish among Spaniards? Scroll down to find out the basic fashion etiquettes of Spain’s most popular cities. 

Although the fashion style in Spain varies like every other country, some common looks are always preferred by them. If you belong to a European country, modifying your closet this way can help in looking like a local: 

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  1. Fashion Trends in Madrid 

With elegant boulevards, expansive parks and startling artworks, it is of no wonder why Madrid hosted around 5.72 million international visitors in 2019 alone. But to enjoy the glamorous life of this city, you need to have a tidy sum of money. Along with it, a good fashion sense that doesn’t make you look like a tourist is also important. 

For Women 

In summers, the Spaniard women prefer wearing jean skirts with polka dots and colorful sundresses. Espadrilles are seen as their favorite footwear. Whereas for winters, black coats with jeans and boots are a consistent part of their look.

For Men 

In Madrid, you will generally see men wearing t-shirts or button-downs. Jeans, black pants and a nice watch are never out of fashion. The common footwear is white-kicks or sliders.  

  1. Fashion Trends in Barcelona 

Barcelona is an illustrious city located between mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The climate is always wonderful and the addition of architecture and history has further magnified its beauty. In 2019, the city broke records of tourism by receiving around 12 million tourists in a single year. 

But if you are fortunate to live there forever, make sure you adapt these fashion styles: 

For Women 

Avoid casual wearing like shorts, mini-skirts or flip-flops. Wearing pants, button-downs, skirts with the conservative cotton blouse are still the trend there. During summers, light colors are worn dominantly. While in winters, they don’t stray far from muted colors. 

For Men 

A set of short-sleeved shirts, button-downs and black pants never get old. Long shorts, sneakers and leather sandals are their favorite. But never forget wearing trousers while visiting the Barcelona cathedral as people there still take churches as an integral part of life. 

  1. Fashion Trends in Seville and Granda

The low cost of living in Andalusia is one of the major reasons why 5 million tourists visited Granda and 3.12 million stayed in Seville. In Granda, you can afford to live at a fraction of what costs in New York. The city is also 25% less expensive than Madrid and 28% less than Barcelona. Similarly, the cost-of-living comparison tells that Seville is among the cheapest cities in Spain. 

But to blend in with the natives there, here’s what you will need to do: 

For Women 

Spaniards don’t really like wearing something too flashy. Although the climate is mostly hot in the south, you will see women wearing billowy pants and long skirts. Colorful and flowy linen dresses are also a dominant part of their look.  

For Men 

The European style shorts and cotton t-shirts are the prominent styling trend in summers. You can also wear pattern button-ups. 

The Bottom Line 

All in all, to completely assimilate in Spain, avoid wearing casual or revealing clothes, excessive makeup and flashy colors. Plus, learn some Spanish to both look and sound like natives