26 Best Bucket Hats for Women 2022 – Fuzzy Bucket Hats, Crochet Bucket Hats


woman wearing a bucket hat

Courtesy of Lack of Color

At this point, you know the drill when it comes to trends. What’s old will always be new again. Style is cyclical, for better or for worse. Right now, we’re living in a Y2K renaissance, an age of mega platforms, sweater vests, and—you guessed it—bucket hats. But unlike some trends (ahem, whale tails), the bucket hat is a worthy one. The style frames your face in all the right ways and is a great all-season accessory. Besides, anything that helps shield you from the sun’s rays is practically an anti-aging skincare investment. Fashion and beauty collide! Still skeptical about the throwback look? Don’t be. Read on for proof that there is indeed a bucket hat for every season and aesthetic.

Perfect for Summer

Wave Sun-Print Bucket Hat
Lack of Color

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Sea Through Me Tomorrow Cotton Canvas Bucket Hat

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Get Graphic

Yin Yang Faux-Fur Bucket Hat
Skinnydip London

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So Cozy

Women’s Sheepskin Bucket Hat

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Sheer Bliss

Sheer Woven Wide Brim Floppy Bucket Hat
Open Edit

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Perfect for Summer

Wave Sun-Print Bucket Hat

Australian brand Lack of Color is known for its top-tier hats. This sun-patterned one adds a summery touch to any outfit.


Sea Through Me Tomorrow Cotton Canvas Bucket Hat

The most classic of all bucket hats. If you’re looking to build a collection, this is a good place to start.

Get Graphic

Yin Yang Faux-Fur Bucket Hat

The yin and yang traditionally symbolize the balance between dark and light, negative and positive, good and bad—kind of like the balance of having a bad hair day (not good) and covering it up with a sweet bucket hat (so good).

So Cozy

Women’s Sheepskin Bucket Hat

It’s giving après-ski chic, no?

Sheer Bliss

Sheer Woven Wide Brim Floppy Bucket Hat

Whether you want to show off your new dye job or your eyeliner wing is just too good to cover up, you can still show off your mug in this wide-brimmed sheer topper.

A 2000s Dream

Bratz Fluffy Bucket Hat

Show your ~passion for fashion~ with this hat donning the name of everyone’s favorite It Girl dolls. (Extra points if you sang the jingle.)

Faux Cheetah

Wera Bucket Hat

A fuzzy cheetah bucket hits all the right notes of sassiness.

Colorful Knit

Island Bucket – Zag Stripe

Perfectly floppy and absurdly adorable.

Amazon Best-Seller

Cotton Bucket Hats, Unisex

Available in 40 colors, you could get one to match every outfit.

Now Trending

Prada Logo Raffia Bucket Hat

Please don’t touch my raf(fia).

Add a dose of old-world glamour to your wardrobe with this oversized option.

These sherpa hats elevate any cold-weather OOTD.


Beige Raffia Bucket Hat

Put that Fendi logo on a paper bag and I’d probably wear it on my head just the same.

Cheetah and leopard prints have both had their 15 minutes of fame. Even zebra was hot for a minute. Now, it’s cow print’s time to shine.

For the Elements

Patti Bucket Rain Hat

The look of patent leather is always in style, and this hat has the added bonus of being weatherproof, too. Why have waste time with an umbrella when you could be flaunting a rain hat instead?

Blue Jean Baby

Denim Bucket Hat

Nothing is quite as casual and fun as denim. Okay, well no other fabric, at least…


2 Pack 100% Cotton Bucket Hat Unisex

Because, the more the merrier.

Wide Brim

Canvas-Jacquard Bucket Hat

You know what they say about big brims…more shade.

Classic With a Twist

Check Cotton Bucket Hat

Perhaps no print is more iconic than Burberry’s plaid, which gets a neutral retouch in this alternative colorway.

‘90s Nostalgia

Powerpuff Girls Fluffy Logo Bucket Hat

Are you a Bubbles, a Blossom, or a Buttercup? Regardless, your TikTok comments are about to be flooded with, “OMG where did you get that?”

Crochet Craze

Crochet Straw Hats for Women

This season is all about crochet. Everything, everywhere, all crochet. Head to toe.

Soft & Fuzzy

Fluffy Shearling Bucket Hat

A furry bucket hat in pistachio green? That’s three fashion trends rolled into one accessory. We love to see it.


Reversible Bucket Hat

With various tie-dyes and prints ranging from cherries to mushrooms, this is one trendy hat.

Woven to Perfection

Bucket Hat Fashion Knit Cloche Hat

For when you want something neutral, a texture like this knit weave makes it just a bit more interesting.


Checkered Crochet Bucket Hat

It’s off to the races in this cute checkered number.


Bermuda Bucket Hat

Kangol is one of the O.G. bucket hat makers, so you know it can be trusted.

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