New Launch: This Gorgeous New Label Is Coming To Ireland

Fabienne Chapot’s brand operates in an industry with a significant imprint on the environment. They feel responsible and want to do a lot better. They believe that even the smallest step can have a huge impact, as long as progress occurs. They are in this business to brighten up a women’s wardrobe. They are a brand born and raised in the Netherlands and favor print rich color, quirky detail, and feminine tailoring clothes. They also have a soft spot for positive approach and good stories.


The company started as a brand in 2006, under the name Fab. They started as a company selling accessories, mainly focusing on shoes, women’s accessories, and bags. Their vision of adding color and bold twist at that time instead of black and gray-toned accessories caught the eyes of many European fashion enthusiasts, including Irish women. 

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In 2016, Fabienne Chapot decided to rebrand its label and launch a vibrant and ready-to-wear collection. The colorful and bold brand DNA is still the core of their business to this day. Fabienne Chapot started the company by trusting her instincts and following her heart, and most importantly, daring to dream big. 

By doing this, she built a team of strong and like-minded people around her. This mentality comes back in their designs and the Irish women who wear them. All the magic happens in their Amsterdam-based office. The headquarters with showroom is located at the center of the city, near the canals. 

The city’s rich history triggers the company’s creativity and invites its employees to create the best clothes for women. They launched two collections every year, each consisting of five chapters. Their items are sold in more or less 1,000 stores worldwide, their web store, and in four brand boutiques.


A lot of Irish women love their signature clothes because it inspires all women to feel their best about how the way they look, so they can be who they want to be, better about themselves, and perform best in their lives. Fabienne Chapot dares women all over the world to dress more boldly using intense colors, surprising details, and prints, but always vibrant and easy to wear clothes.

Acts of courage

The brand does not follow the trend. Not for the sake of standing out, but because of what is right. They admire people who challenge the existing state of affairs. Optimism and positivity are the centers of their way of working. They believe in the power of joy and brighten things up by adding sparkles to their collection. 

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Vintage inspiration

A lot of women today like to wear past trends. The reason why Fabienne Chapot is such a hit with Irish women is that they get their inspiration from past trends. Their collections’ starting point stems from vintage movies, iconic women, and collector items from earlier days.


They value, craftsmanship and artistry. The company tries to include these two as much as possible in their clothing line and production chain. Every print in their clothes is made in-house. They always start their designs with a brush or a pen, and not on the computer. Transparency in their production chain, as well as proper working conditions in their factories, are very important.


Most of the polyester items in their collections are made of recycled PET bottles or RPET. These fabrics have lower energy consumption, lower carbon footprint, and lower water consumption compared to regular polyester fabrics. For recycled PET, they collaborated with proven experts in the industry of recycling, Waste2Wear. 

They are not using non-animal friendly items like Angra, exotic skins, real down feathers, mohair, and real fur; that is why a lot of Irish people love the Fabienne Chapot brand. Their wool and wool blend pullovers that are knitted from verified mulesing-free yarns. They also use the Global Organic Textile Standard certified pieces of cotton. 

These cotton pieces are made without using chemical fertilizers, which are pretty harmful to the soil. The company is looking for ways to make sustainable choices when using 100% viscose. The items in their collection are less harmful to the environment and labeled by authorities with a green leaf.