All of us want to look good. Being stylish and fashionable comes naturally to some, for others it requires a little bit of effort. Boosting your personal style quotient up by a notch requires a little bit of aesthetics and a whole lot of attitude. Here are three easy ways to improve your very own personal style.

1. Experiment with your wardrobe:

Never settle for the ordinary or the routine look. So, everybody sees you wearing trousers day after day, jazz up a bit with a short skirt or a colorful shirt on those casual Fridays. Mix and match different styles. Perk up you’re simple A-line dress with a fancy scarf for a romantic night out. Always keep in mind your body type, shape and height. Remember, the clothes you wear must complement the shape of your body.

2. Choose the right accessories:

Choose the right kind of handbags, shoes, belts and earrings to enhance your style quotient. It’s always a good idea to match your handbag with your shoes. Choose the right kind of jewelry for the clothes you wear. Fashion jewelry most definitely provides you with unlimited options – there’s lava stone jewelry, sterling silver pieces, jewelry embellished with gemstones, pearls and what not. Choose wisely and you are guaranteed to make heads turn.

3. Carry yourself well

You may be wearing the prettiest pearls or the priciest diamonds, you may sport the latest high-street fashion, but they don’t matter much unless you carry yourself well. In fact, your confidence, your grace and your √©lan is the most important aspect of your personal style. That’s the reason why Julia Roberts looks good on almost anything. Show some attitude. Be super-confident about your looks and your sense of style. This way, you are sure to make a lasting impression.

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