The Importance of Lawn Signs for Selling a House

We live in a world where numerous people choose online listings to sell and purchase a new house. However, lawn signs are one of the most important and popular aspects of reaching potential customers.

In some areas, people tend to drive around a particular neighborhood to check out for signs. Of course, can avoid placing it in case you do not want anyone to find out that you are selling a home. 

On the other hand, you will be able to reach more people if you place a sign, and that is a fact you should remember.

If you are a seller and wish for buyers to contact you for additional information, you will place a “for sale” mini-billboard to get more of them.

At the same time, real estate agents can list your home, which they can take advantage of.

Different Types of Signs

You should know that HOA (homeowner association) doesn’t allow to place any signs while selling your home. Besides, some of them feature regulations about placement and size. We recommend you to learn more about homeowner association by entering here for added info. 

Therefore, in case you reside in regulated community, you should check out regulations before deciding to place a sign.

You should know that the material depends on personal preferences and brokerage that decided to list your home, something you should remember.

  1. Owner 

If you wish to sell your home without a real estate agent, especially if you want to take advantage of online listings and other means of promotion, you can use affordable signs to provide you peace of mind.

However, that is a double-edged sword because having a cheap sign can tell a lot about the seller. For instance, buyers may think that you need to sell your home right away, which means that they will try to negotiate a lower deal than you wanted in the first place.

You can find different options both online and at hardware stores, which is an important consideration to remember. They come from either plastic or metal, depending on your preferences, and you should secure them by using wires and stakes.

  1. Realtor

Real estate agents and realtors tend to use two different options when it comes to signs. They can either feature large panels or a small one with stakes inside the ground. 

The more practical option will hang on a signpost, which is more visible and transparent than the second one. 

Check out this link: to learn more about yard signs. 

At the same time, materials can come from plastic, metal to wood depending on numerous factors. You can also find sandwich boards, but they are lightweight and portable, which means that someone can take them with ease.

Content You Should Add

You should add a few things apart from the call to action and presentation, including:

  • Office phone number
  • Name of brokerage
  • Website URL
  • Brokerage address
  • Company logo

Some agents tend to use the upper parts of the post or below for relevant information. Therefore, it may include a few things such as:

  • Potential price reductions
  • Asking price
  • Open house schedule
  • The website address for a virtual tour
  • Neighborhood slogan
  • Agent’s information
  • Home features
  • QR codes


If you wish to place a sign for sale, you should know that it should be transparent from a street. We recommend avoiding placing it in an area blocked by telephone poles, trees, and parked cars.

You can place it near street or sidewalk, which is much better than next to home entrance, where no one can correctly see it. If you have a household on a crossroad, you should install it on each side, with an idea to reach people that go in both directions. 

If your home is out of the road, you should place lawn signs next to a street with traffic, or you can ask your neighbors to help you by adding a sign next to their home.


If a problem pops up or a listing expires, or if you choose another agent for you may enter a point where a previous agent will decide to remove a panel.

Therefore, you should do it yourself to avoid problems such as people calling past agents because you do not want a potential buyer to contact him/her. 

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