There are many different styles for petite dresses for smaller women to choose from that can help them enhance their figure. There are hundreds of shops that have a petite section for smaller women so that they can feel comfortable with what they wear. Here are some of the best styles to make the most of your dress and also what to avoid:

Knee length and short petite dresses work very well for shorter, more petite women as they show off a lot of your legs making your legs look a lot longer and leaner, by combining a short dress with high heels you will create the effect that you are a lot taller than what you really are.

Very long petite dresses also look flattering on petite women, especially ankle length dresses because they also create the effect that you are taller. It is not a great idea to go for calf length dresses though as they tend to cut off the look that you want and can actually make you look shorter.

V-neck dresses look fantastic on petite women as it creates the effect of a longer, slimmer neck. This draws more attention to your neckline causing the person to look up and down so that you look taller. It isn’t a good idea to mix this type of dress with a wide belt as it can give the opposite effect by making the body look like it is cut in half.

Vertical patterns on petite dresses also give a great effect of making you look taller as well as slimmer, if this is the look you are going for. It has the same illusion as the v-neck dress, but be very careful wearing horizontal lines as they have the complete opposite effect and they can make you look a lot shorter and also wider, even taller women have a hard time pulling this type of pattern off.

Another good idea is to keep to a simple color plan with whichever style of petite dresses that you wear, by wearing a mixture of colors as they have the same effect as when you use a wide belt, cutting your body in half and making you look shorter.

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