Seven Types Of Watches for Men: Which One Is For You?

Men usually wear less jewelry than women and a watch is sometimes the only accessory they wear. This everyday accessory represents the characteristic of the wearer therefore you should find the right one that matches your personality. There are many types of watches for men available and choosing one can be a very overwhelming task. To help you get one that suits your personality, below is an overview of the seven most popular types of watches for men and their characteristics:

1. Digital Watch: This style is suitable for those who are more concerned about tools and features rather than fashion. Men who wear this watch are usually detail oriented. They care about how much time that it takes to get to work and the fact that it is waterproof up to a certain depth.

2. Leather Cuff: This type of watch has gained much popularity since its first appearance several years ago. It is actually similar to sports watch but it features wide leather band. With its trendy look, it is more suitable for high school students rather than men in their thirties.

3. Sports Watch: This model usually features a metal body with a metal or leather band. It is probably the most popular style of watches for men. It matches both casual and formal wear so it practically fits any occasion. Sports watches are durable, water resistant, and stylish.

4. Diver Style: Among the many styles of watches for men, this style remains the favorite among collectors and usually becomes the first watch that they ever own. It is classic, matches any outfit, accurate and durable. You probably can still find men who have diver style watches that they bought it in the 70s or even earlier. It is because this item is produced with high quality parts that it can last for a very long time.

5. Rugged Analog: This style features a classic display, a metal body, and a rubber or leather strap. It is the perfect combination of durability and style. This item is perfect for special occasions like camping or working around the house. Commonly, it is worn by engineers or carpenters.

6. Simple, Yet Classy: This type of watches for men offers great style but still maintains simplicity. Thus it is perfect for those who want to look stylish yet not flashy and too complicated.

7. Bling Bling: This style comes from the hip hop community and features diamonds to make you look flashy. Bling bling watches for men are very expensive and they are usually worn by popular hip hop singers.

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