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Whatsoever Jenifer Lewis is providing, I’m getting.

In “I Really like That for You,” she plays the wickedly tart manager of a house buying network who doesn’t be reluctant to decrease anyone to a a few-phrase description.

Her notion of achievement? “You even marketed out of the unattractive a person,” she tells one of her presenters. Nevertheless, this canine-devour-dog environment is the area Joanna Gold (Vanessa Bayer) wishes to be. At any time given that she got a bracelet with the classy lobster claw clasp, she has needed to be element of the Unique Value Network, particularly because her idol, Jackie Stilton (Molly Shannon) is there.

When a work dishing out samples at Costco doesn’t seem to be like the trajectory she wants, Joanna heads to the community and – with that wide toothy grin – announces herself.

Lewis’ Patricia isn’t buying any of her “lifelong dream” tales and isn’t frightened to use a couple of Samuel L. Jackson phrases to explain to her as considerably.

Made by Bayer and Jeremy Beiler, “I Appreciate That” has a comparable vibe to “Hacks.” It rips back again the curtain on an idealized earth, then pulls on the twine. Bayer maintains sunny optimism through, but there’s plenty to concern.

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Backstabbing co-hosts, a passive/intense assistant (the oh-so-fantastic Matt Rogers) and a little little lie would make this a scenario which is all set to explode.

But initial? Joanna has to promote her very first good deal of stuff – which include pillow spray that helps make her recoil – and blouses that glance, well, dated.

The “Tootsie”-like backstage drama only adds to the shilling that goes on in front of the digital camera.

Stilton is a 30-yr veteran of these wars and it’s obvious she has excess inventory in her warehouse, too. She mentors the newcomer, but she’s also just as manipulative – and manipulated – as the other individuals.

As Patricia needs to know – what’s your story? That is where by “I Love” digs its Michael Dorsey gap and allows Bayer grovel her way out.

As considerably as the former “Saturday Evening Live” star may well have prepared this for herself, she provides the many others loads of juice to squeeze. Shannon has certainly spent sufficient time seeing other folks pitch non-necessities but Lewis unquestionably has labored with bosses who are just about anything but nice. She nails the perspective and hammers dwelling the message – just sell the stuff.

Because it cracks a doorway on a environment we hardly ever really deemed, “I Enjoy That” isn’t small on comedy stock. After it heads in a familiar direction (feel: “Soapdish” and other cleaning soap opera send-ups), this could be headed for clearance.

Meanwhile, take pleasure in hearing the pitch. Bayer sells it with gusto. Shannon embraces it with coronary heart. And Lewis kills it will excellence.

Just when you thought you did not need one more addictive sequence, “I Like That For You” steps in and tells you supplies are confined.

 “I Enjoy That For You” airs April 29 on Showtime.


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