Must-Have Men’s Accessories

Accessories are great additions to men’s attire. Whatever the occasion, your outfit can be spiced up by wearing accessories. There’s an accessory appropriate for each occasion. Wearing them let’s you customize and personalize your attire. Your choice of accessories, the design and color, greatly tells something about you – your fashion style, preference, and personality. Compared to the ladies, men only have fewer accessories at hand. The top 3 accessories for men probably are the belt, necktie, and cufflinks.

Belts are one of the most worn accessories of men. You can wear it at almost any occasion there is – be it formal or casual. You can wear it anywhere actually – at the office, at the mall, at a party, etc. Men should have at least one of 2 kinds of belt: a dress belt for formal wear and jeans belt for casual wear. One of each kind is enough because they’re not very loud or anything (they are purposely made that way). Notice that belt designs (the shape, of course) are almost always uniform, made with leather or synthetic leather, and are generally classic black or dark brown.

While they look quite the same at first glance, one should know well their difference so as to not to be interchangeably worn. Generally, the casual jeans belt is bigger than the formal dress belt. The dress belt for formal wear is narrower by the width and comes with a small buckle of course. As the color, the belt should go well with the color of your shoes. Black belt matches black shoes. Likewise, if you’re wearing brown shoes, wear brown belt also. Dress belts are usually black simply because formal events are usually black-themed, too.

Neckties can be worn either with formal or casual wear. You can wear neckties as part of your daily office attire or the more formal business attire. And because ties are colored accessories, you should be careful to match it with the rest of your clothing. Remember contrast and harmony. It should compliment well with your overall theme. There are two common types of ties – plain colored ties and diagonally stripped ties. Classic colors are dark shades preferably navy or burgundy. For formal events, patterned ties of any color are inappropriate; they can be best worn for corporate events. Black ties are standard for formal occasions. Novelty ties are fun and casual.

You can match your tie with a good pair of cufflinks, too. As with ties, cufflinks come in so many designs to choose from, plus with different shapes and colors. Go for classic cufflinks; they are the safest to be worn on most occasion. By your choice of cufflinks you can also show a bit of your personality. For example, there are career cufflinks that may instantly give away your profession, or sports-themed cufflinks that bears your favorite theme’s logo. And of course, there are funny novelty cufflinks to cheer you up. On no occasion should you wear novelties on formal events do. Stick to the classic conservative styles. The more conservative the cufflinks look, the more formal it is.

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