Mangal Israeli Style Barbecue – Wow! This Sounds Appetizing

Mangal – this Israeli-style grilling is what identifies a citizen of Israel from rest of the world. The name Mangal comes from a kind of indoor heater, which was available during the 20th century. However, western-type stoves replaced this later. In fact, Israelis are taught the Mangal art of barbecuing in form of a crash course for a better understanding of the Turkish and Israeli form of barbeque culture.

The connection between Mangal and barbeque

The word Mangal is a Hebrew derivation. The word however, has a religious significance for the Jews; anything close to fire is pious and spiritual. From the Israeli point of view, this special art of barbequing or ‘food on fire’ involves a tiny portable grill ignited with charcoal.

The significance of this special barbeque from Israel and Turkey

Barbequing has become an integral part of Independence Day celebration for the Israelis. This special moment is celebrated through the enjoyment of having several barbeque cuisines along with songs, celebrations and festivals.

The art of barbequing Mangal

If you are interested to learn this particular art of barbequing then you must have the ability to identify the right sort of charcoal. New comers are first taught how to light the charcoal using a single drop of flammable liquid. The next step is to prepare a fan by folding a single piece of cardboard into two and using it like a fan to give the fire a proper and perfect lift. They would also be taught how to prepare the meat without getting it stuck to the grill. For this, one needs to rub the grill with a piece of oil-covered onion.

There is good news for the vegetarians too. This form of Turkey and Israel barbequing involves vegetables too. As a concluding part to this process of barbequing, it is necessary to extinguish the charcoal in the correct way so that it can be preserved for the next significant meal.

Turkish Mangal

Turkish Mangalian barbeque has a close resemblance with South African braai. Countries, which love to follow Mangalian barbeque cuisine, include Iraq, Israel, Turkey and several countries in Levant. Apart from food, Mangal resembles a social get together where friends, families and associates get connected to be a part of the celebration. This barbeque get together is specially held in places like personal gardens or picnic areas. It is a way to make the guests feel warm and comfortable.

Items included in this festive meal

This barbeque menu includes meal along with grilled vegetables, different varieties of meatballs generally referred to as kofte, wings of grilled chicken, chicken breasts and offal. Salads and other cold foods too, form a part of this barbeque. Drinks include Salgam or ayran with other alcoholic varieties.

How is a Mangal celebrated

This special barbeque occasion calls for social celebrations during which Israeli families spread out all over the park around long folding tables. All sorts of arrangements are made for utmost comfort and relaxation.

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