Lil’ Kim Camouflaged Her Hair Into Her Outfit — Literally — See Photos


To be clear, there’s no leaving Lil’ Kim out of any conversation when a notable hair or beauty trend is the topic of discussion. After all, she is among icons that have pioneered a multitude of trends still relevant to this day. She’s provided countless red carpet moments from the early 2000s with epic fashion and colorful wigs — including those infamous nipple pasties — that we still reference constantly. She’s one of the celebrities that made the #FreeTheNipple movement socially acceptable by being so bold. She’s even responsible for inspiring the stenciled and dyed bandana-patterned hair worn recently by another one of our biggest hair crushes, Cardi B. Needless to say, Lil’ Kim is definitely one of the few celebrities we look to when we want to revamp our beauty and fashion styles with a modern twist.

For a performance in her hometown at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on April 11, Lil’ Kim wore a camouflage outfit with her hair color cleverly matched. As captioned by her in the photo, it was “GAMETIME”, and she definitely looked performance-ready. Her half-up, half-down hair consisted of multiple tints including pale, forest, and vibrant greens layered all the way to her thighs. It’s clear the noticeable pattern on her clothes was the inspiration for this look. 

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