Most men are not as fashion conscious as their women counterparts. Older men especially remember times when fashion was simple. But today men are expected to be clean shaven and dressed to impress, to the dismay of many men.

But with fashion cycles changing many times each and every year how can one keep up-to-date with current fashion trends and not falling fowl of typical fashion faux pa’s.

Let’s view five simple steps that will not change anyone overnight into a fashion guru, but instead get those in need of help back on track, because everyone needs to begin somewhere.

1. The way clothes fit is an essential part of being fashionable. Wearing baggy t-shirts and jeans are not a recommended choice in today’s society, this faux pa is one to avoid. Ensure that when purchasing clothes that they hug your body and are not too tight or loose. By doing this can help display your physique and can help you avoid the wrong choices in future.

2. Another easy change is to not only wear the correct shoes but pay close attention to detail regarding their attended use. This can be when going out, ensure that dark shoes are the preferred choice and are polished. Wearing trainers or causal footwear will give the wrong impression and may end up causing bouncers to reject you from entering the premises. Don’t forget that brown is also a common colour of shoe but try choosing footwear that compliments your clothes.

3. Don’t forget to dress for your body shape. By adopting your fashion choice to reflect your body shape can help show off your main features helping encourage confidence. Those who look good often feel good, so why not put this action into motion. Try wearing vertical stripes to help add height, this can involve pinstripe dresses or suits, that provide subtle but suitable benefits. There are many other techniques that can not only add height but also make yourself appear slimmer.

4. It’s important that you dress to reflect you age. When turning 50 for example it’s time to lose the jogging bottoms and baseball cap and to accommodate more appealing clothing. Younger adults can wear hoodies and bomber jackets, but for ageing adults it smart to wear trench coats and understand that ageing should be a graceful process that involves adaptation, not resistance. Remember that not everyone can wear skinny jeans and mens denim shirts, so find the clothes that best reflect your age.

5. Lastly, don’t forget to experiment. It’s important to remember that fashion changes season to season and it’s vital to keep changing also and not sticking to old habits. Try new things and go out of your comfort zone once in a while to help bring new life to your sense of style.

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