This is a bit graphic, but it has to be said…

No matter how Brad-Pitt-looking a man is, these common mistakes make women want to projectile vomit:

1. Being needy.

Nothing is more repulsive to a woman than a man-child.

2. Smiling too much.

Excessive smiling makes you look weak.

3. Buying her gifts before you are in a committed relationship with her.

It just looks like you are trying to buy her love.

4. Dinner before sex.

Technically this one wouldn’t repulse her, but it lowers your chances of becoming physically intimate with her. Or, at the very least, she’ll make you wait much longer. That’s because it positions you as a provider instead of a lover. Women quickly sleep with lovers, but they make providers wait. Basically, they first want them to “prove” their ability to provide.

5. Bad body odor.

No explanation needed

6. A lack of fashion sense.

Think about it. How much time do women spend thinking about fashion? A LOT… which tells you how important it is to them. Consequently, men with a bad taste in fashion repulse women.

7. Low-status behavior.

Yep, I said “behavior”. Actual status doesn’t come from money or your job title. It’s shown in your behavior. Think about “King Joffrey” in “Game of Thrones”. He had the highest status in his kingdom. Yet, he had low-status behaviors, and women were repulsed by him.

8. Weakness / a lack of assertiveness

If you can’t even stand up for yourself, how are you going to stand up for her?

9. Me too-ing.

Also known as “obsessively looking for commonalities”. This makes you look like you are trying to force the relationship. Like you’re dishonest. Like you’re “just saying things to get into her pants”.

10. Putting her on a pedestal.

Ever seen a badass guy put women on a pedestal? No? Me neither! There’s a reason for that. When you place a woman on a pedestal, you put her above you. Which means her status level is higher than yours. Women simply can’t (for evolutionary reasons) be attracted to guys that they perceive of lower status to them. In fact, they are sexually repulsed by them.

So, what’s the common thread here?

Well… these ten mistakes make you look like a low-quality chump.

And low-quality chumps get low-quality chicks (if any at all).

In other words, if you want to get a high-quality woman, you need to become a high-quality man.

This means you need to embody the opposite of these 10 mistakes.

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